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在您完成訂單交易後,即表示您願意支付配送到內地之商品的一切附加費、稅項及負責其文件申領事宜(如有)。中國內地的訂單如遇上徵收關稅的情況,顧客需自行支付有關稅款。如顧客拒絕支付稅款並拒收包裹,請自行向中國內地海關申請辦理退運手續。包裹退回一般約需14 – 21 工作天,所有訂單重發或退款需待我們收到退件後方可處理,我們會於退款內扣除相關商品總額的15%手續費,已繳付之運費亦將不獲退回,詳情請參閱關於送貨。

Do I have to become a member before they can BeauteNation shopping?

Yes, you must first register as a member.


Forgot members account password, how do?

You can reset the password in the following ways: Press the Home login> Forgot your password, enter the email address provided by registration, after the reset password will be sent to the e-mail.


How do I change my personal information, including certified?

Members can modify your profile Edit your profile. Such changes shall be certified to be re-certification and will replace the original numbers.


I was in the area outside Hong Kong, whether for shopping BeauteNation it?

Yes, as long as you are able to browse and visit our website will be able to BeauteNation shopping.


In BeauteNation shopping with which payment method?

Hong Kong payments support Visa / Master credit cards and PAYPAL; Mainland China payments support Visa / Master credit card, Alipay.


Payment BeauteNation provide safe?

We provide you with a variety of secure payment methods. Easy and safe; such as online payment by credit card, the transaction procedures by third-party online payment gateway independently, during BEAUTENATION access only the last four digits of your credit card number for reference, the information will be kept confidential.



The order is confirmed, it could change the shipping address or time of day?

To change the order confirmation on the distribution of data, you need to cut a single time before calling (n 12:00) customer service officer to make changes, please refer to our account management.


How to check order status?

You can order in my view your information and order status, please refer to our account management.



Successfully confirmed the order, but failed to receive a confirmation e-mail, how do?

Please check the registration mailbox miscellaneous pieces of junk mail box or box intending to avoid a similar situation occurs, you can info@BeauteNation.com saved to your address book or email unmarked as spam.


Why can not successfully log BeauteNation.com?

Our site support in Internet Explorer 8.0 or above, running 23.0 or higher Safari 5.0 or above browser and Google Chrome, with 1024 * 768 resolution for the best. If you can not sign in, we recommend that you change Cookies settings within the browser and enable JavaScript, or switch to a different browser to view this site. If you need assistance, please call contact us.

I need to pay import tariffs on goods destined for the mainland of it?

Delivery of goods to mainland China General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China will be on the inbound and outbound personal postal articles of management measures in the form of spot checks in accordance with the provisions of the customs clearance of goods and taxation, you may need to pay additional fees or taxes of various required the clearance time is not included within the scheduled delivery time.

After you complete the order transaction, it means that you’re willing to pay for delivery of goods to the Mainland of all surcharges, taxes, and is responsible for its documents to apply for matters (if any). Order Chinese mainland In case of tariffs, customers need to pay the relevant taxes on their own. If customers refuse to pay taxes and reject the parcel, your own to the Chinese mainland to apply for return shipment customs formalities. Parcel return normally takes about 14–21 working days resend or refund all orders need to be processed before we receive back pieces, we will deduct 15% of the total fees related goods in the refund of the payment of freight will also not be refunded, please see About delivery.